Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Review | Everybody Plays

For a game with such a wacky premise – a bunch of humanoid personifications of game consoles go on an adventure through a games industry inspired world – we’re pleasantly surprised to find the Hyper/Megadimension series has picked up enough of a fan base to still be going, some eight years later. While the first game may have been a bit disappointing, the outrageous exploits of heroines Neptune (an anthropomorphic take on a never-released SEGA console), Iffy (based on the game’s Japanese…

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63 Ways 3D Printing is Changing the World

While 3D printing made waves in 2014-2015, the buzz surrounding the game-changing technology has since cooled off. However, in 2018, 3D printing technology continues to change the world and the way it works.

3D printing is disrupting almost every major industry in the world. It’s making its largest impact on the manufacturing industry, but 3D printing is also being used for environmental purposes, in healthcare and medicine, by the government and military, in the automotive, aviation, and…

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Knights of Pen & Paper +1 is less than a dollar on Android

Knights of Pen & Paper +1 is going very cheap on Android right now – for less than a dollar, in fact. That’s a massive bargain for one of the finest turn-based RPGs on the platform.

You’ll create a team of four heroes of various different classes. Well, nerds. Just for the record, these aren’t actual heroes – they’re pen and paper RPG heroes that just think they’re heroes.

Knights of Pen & Paper +1 is cheap on Android

Then, the playing starts. Just like in a real pen and…

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You Can Now Try Onrush on Xbox One For Free – GameSpew

I’m sure we’ve said it many times now, but we absolutely love Onrush.

Codemasters’ team based racer in which racing plays second fiddle to completing objectives has had us glued to our seats for tens of hours since it launched. It’s fast-paced, fun and destructive; everything we like in video games.

Following on from a recent sale and free weekend on PS4, it’s now Xbox One owners’ turn to try the game for free. You can download…

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Octopath Traveler – Road To Review

Sometimes a development codename is good enough that it sticks, and this is true of Octopath Traveler. Coming from some of the minds behind the excellent Bravely Default and its sequel on Nintendo 3DS, it’s a JRPG that lets you follow eight distinct characters and their distinct stories in and across the continent of Orsterra, featuring a gorgeous HD-2D art style. It’s an intriguing setting and design choice, giving players the freedom to travel, recruit and…

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5 Nintendo E3 Rumors We Want to Believe

E3 goes hand in hand with rumors and speculation and there has been no lack of interesting rumors swirling around the world of Nintendo. I’m going to use this as an opportunity to go through the ones I find most feasible and interesting. I think these rumors are not only likely to happen but have some merit to them. I’ve tried to ditch all assumptions based on how Nintendo has handled things in the past due to the fact that Nintendo has managed to stray away from their usual routine…

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The Journey Down





“With its exquisite hand painted graphics and its singular Afro-Caribbean setting, The Journey Down is one of the most original adventure games I’ve played in ages.”
– Kotaku

The Journey Down is a classic point-and-click saga with an Afro-Caribbean vibe. Get ready to embark on an epic journey of brain-teasing…

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Tag Team Frenzy Adds Mui Mui

Mui Mui will be playable in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, NIS America officially announced.

Watch the SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy’s Mui Mui Trailer:

Here is an overview of the character, via NIS America:

“A master of kung-fu and a successor of the Dragon Clan, Mui Mui possesses superhuman strength thanks to her affinity with dragons. She can break boulders…

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Xna Game Studio Express – Game Programmer Resource

It’s May 30th, and with less than a week until E3 the gaming community is buzzing with anticipation. With this Expo comes the next generation of home consoles, and probably the last as we know them. Hopes are high, expectations are soaring, questions must be addressed.

So what happens when consoles become a household item, graphics start to surpass the computers and gaming online is no longer exclusive? A formidable opponent is created and people start to question why would I need to get on the computer to game anymore? This has been the topic of great debate almost every year at E3 as less and less PC games are shown.

When you search for sources to play free games you will find there are a great many different types of games available. Some of the free games online include such game types as racing games as well as adventure and puzzle games just to name a few. Regardless of your game preference you are sure to find something that you will enjoy.

Many students today fail their subjects because they skip classes, do not study and make homework. Instead they allocate their time on playing Video games and can possibly play on them 24/7. This could really sound depressing for most parents. Their childrens focus on study was washed out; their health is neglected due to deprivation of sleep. Some even save their money, yet sacrifice their food budget just to be able to buy a good video game or gamble it with friends. If you are one of the kids who have this addiction, then save yourself before you really drown yourself on this. Here are some helpful tips for you on how to stop video gaming addiction.

Did you know? Spot it! is one of the most popular Tabletop games on the market. It has over 700 five star reviews on Amazon. Discover why everyone who plays it ends up loving it.

I’d have a big screen HDTV with crystal clear surround sound that would blow my mind. And when I got my home theater installed, up and running, I would plop myself on the couch with a seven-pound bag of popcorn and watch anything and everything that I can. Hey, that’s the point of having a great home theater sound system, to watch stuff! The images would be clear, the sound immaculate and it would all work with only one remote control. Now that’s a great home theater!

Diablo III has been announced to be released as early as 2011. It promises new graphics, new classes and a new mysterious storyline. The Diablo series have really defined themselves as some of the top PC RPG games of all time. I’m sure Diablo III will not disappoint.

Yes, You Can Play Video Games For Money – Earn Up To $120 An Hour Testing Video Games

If you want to Burn PS3 Video Games On DVD’s or CD’s, using the best game copy software is your only chance if you want 100% playable games. Unfortunately there are many game backup product’s that just do not work. Either they wont completely backup the video games all the way, or the graphics cut out on you half way through playing the games.

Add mini workouts throughout your day. Park your car at the edge of the parking lot and walk to your work or shopping destination. Take a walk around your building on breaks and have your lunch outdoors or at a restaurant within walking distance of your work. Always choose to take the stairs instead of elevators. These little steps add up to fitness!

Don’t take the kids with you shopping. If you do, they will know you bought cheap school supplies. Let them sit on the sofa and drain their brains a little more with Video games in-between texting the person sitting next to them on the sofa.

There is a wide variety to play online. You can do everything from slots to the different Tabletop games that are at the real casinos. You are able to play them all in your own home and if you get stuck there are tutorials to help you through and make it go easier.

The next set of games, we like to call our “new games” or “innovative games”. These games are mostly X-Box games: Guitar Hero, Virtual Fighter. Some PC games. That is slowly moving into mobile gaming as well. It’s the up and coming platform for the preferred gamer. This years national final plays host to what is known as the Samsung mobile challenge. At the Samsung mobile challenge there are two games: WiseStar2, and Asphalt 4. One’s a racing game one’s a jewel game much like Bejeweled. These games are going to be the future of all gaming, as the trends are showing us that more and more people are using their mobile phones to actually game, around the world. So we have PC, Legacy titles, X-Box 360, very good popular titles, and Mobile titles as well.

It is easy to get discouraged. The trick to losing belly fat fast and keeping the weight off is to work on it all the time, even after the weight is lost. Belly fat is much easier to gain than it is to lose, but not with the right lifestyle change and attitude.

Electronic dice: In this type of dice, a computer program rolls the dice for you. It has dice from 1 to 3 or from 1 to 20 sided dice. Its ideal for any kind of board game or even Dungeons and Dragons. You will not ever loose your dice again. You can install it on your laptop and take your dice anywhere.

When they feel intrigued adequately to comply with their application into the program, you need to also motivate your children to ask their buddies in. Peer pressure is one thing you can utilize for your gain on your kids at this point. This is because when their associates engage in as well, the youngsters are motivated to go along with them every time. At their junior and teenage years, you do know for sure nobody desires to be neglected in the group.